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I like to make people wonder and think, which I think is one of the best ways to stimulate viewers. At this point I want to continue working on developing my existing projects, hopefully together with others.

Collaborating and working in teams, is something that is very inspiring to me.

For you to know her better our editor, Cecile Poignant asked her some questions.

What was your main inspiration for « Standing Textile(s)"?

A lack of support and hollowness make them seem on the edge of breaking, though their structure is strong and sturdy.

Therefore, they can not only carry themselves, but also the human body.

By 3D- weaving these textile sculptures I’m proposing the idea of textile as a beautiful new building material, with endless possibilities in application.

Do you think the textiles of this project could be used for mass-production in the near future?

The technique needs more development, but I certainly believe that in the future we can have machines, that 3-dimensionally weave lightweight structures for us to use, live in and even drive in.

In general, the messages that I want to bring in to the world are a little bit under the surface of my designs.

I want to show people different sides and angles of the subjects that my projects are about, without serving the answer on a silver platter.

An engaging play of repetition and overlapping lines create an interesting visual interference.

This method creates endless possibilities in color, shape, material and application, giving direction within the interior, without diminishing the sense of space.

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‘Standing Textile(s)’ was born out of the fascination for textile crafts.