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Higher up on the list of kind-of-destructive-high-school reading for me was, ironically, the pastel-colored Christian teen romance series, who saved themselves – some of them even saving their first kiss – until marriage, who never seemed to doubt God’s presence or love or providence. Every miracle they hoped for came to be…though never quite in the way they expected, and always in God’s perfect time. They, all of them, managed to stay completely sexually pure until then. I don’t believe that we should ban the “dangerous” ideas in Harris’ books any more than we should ban the “dangerous” curse words in mine. * Last year, around this time actually, I ended up having an awkward live radio conversation with Robin Jones Gunn, the author of the Christy Miller series, after an angsty article I wrote about those books went moderately viral.It was these maddeningly perfect stories of faith that I read over and over in junior high and high school and even (secretly) in college. During the conversation, Jones mentioned that she was among the first generation of Christian writers doing books for teens, and that if it doesn’t resonate, we should write our own. (It still bums me out a little that she doesn’t seem to “see” this generation of Christian young adults with all their baggage and questions and cynicism…at least not enough to do a series of books where Christy Miller turns into a tired 30-something with a lot of doubt and a thing for cabernet.) But, also, I think there’s something to it.And while I recognize the importance of sharing our stories in forums like Harris’ blog and in online spaces like Life After IKDGI hope that we don’t stop there. I hope we don’t stop at the places where we were wounded. They have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the film.Following is the premise for the project: In 1997 a 21 year old single Christian wrote a revolutionary book on dating.The oldest of seven children, he’d been homeschooled his entire life.

She was deeply influenced by – which will reassess the book and its influence., that troubling, formational text for so many of us who grew up in the 90’s evangelical culture.According to the article, Harris has been recently “re-evaluating the book’s impact,” and soliciting stories from readers – both the good and the heartbreakingly bad – on his website.A couple of years ago, Harris left the American megachurch he had been pastoring and moved his family to Vancouver.Studying at Regent College, he says he has been confronted by many new ideas and is reevaluating the outlook presented in his best-seller of twenty years ago..

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Certainly, as authors, we should approach the page with a sense of humility, with fear and trembling, with the understanding that the things we write there have the potential to move quietly into the hearts of others and shift the landscape there. I walked through the YA Lit section of my library the other day.