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Intimidating team chants

“I can’t imagine how the country is at the moment.

It was reminiscent of what New Zealand s rugby team do with their captain at the front.

Asked if Iceland can go further in the tournament, the Bluebirds midfielder revealed the secret of their success.

There are also stories the chant is actually centuries old.

There are many different chants and cheers that are used in other sports, but can also be used to cheer for a soccer team.

Since soccer and football do have a few similarities, many football cheers can be adapted for soccer plays.

Approximately 30,000 Iceland fans have travelled to Euro 2016, meaning a tenth of the population of Iceland are in attendance in France to witness the historic moment in their nation's footballing history.

Iceland fans have become renowned for the Huh , or Hooooo as it sounds, but for many of us the scenes against England were the first time we saw and heard it.

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Cheers are sometimes chanted by fans, parents or the other team as well.