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Kevin kline dating

Ray, a 24-year veteran of radio, was pd at Citadel-owned stations, All Hits 98.9 KISS/fm, WWLS (The Sports Animal), and Supertalk 930 WKY (News Talk) in Oklahoma City, before arriving in Los Angeles.Ray began his career in Ogden, Utah as a midday air talent and afternoon news anchor at KJQN.Her new book came out in November 2008 titled Defenders of the Heart and she continues to see people in therapy in Beverly Hills, Ray: KSPN, 2003-06.Ray was appointed pd at KSPN in early fall 2003 from Citadel in Oklahoma City. Ray died of an apparent heart attack on November 21, 2007. He was en route to Las Vegas to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday when he was stricken.“After a long courtship with the station, I called Ray to thank him for the offer, but that I had decided to turn him down.He insisted that I come to his office and meet with him and John Davison, just close the negotiation in person. By the time the meeting ended, Ray was so convincing that I had changed my mind and we went on to make a lot of money together over the next few years.” Steve said he had “just spoken to Ray last week by phone…we were talking about ‘old times.’ Ray was a ‘radio guy’ through and through.John Ireland, who worked at KSPN with Kalusa, had just talked to Ray twice during the previous week.

He became CE at KFRC-San Francisco in the early-mid '70s, and eventually, in 1977 moved to Los Angeles as chief engineer at KHJ/KRTH.

She continued the newspaper experience in high school, and added tv news to her resume, as she reported on high school events for Public TV Station KLCS.

When she moved on to Cal State Northridge, where she got her B. degree in journalism, she wrote for the newspaper, and reported on the radio station KCSN. In the next five years, before being hired at KSBR, she worked at various commercial radio stations in Las Vegas and Reno as a news anchor and reporter.

ob was interested in radio from the time he could listen to one, according to long-time friend Shaune Mc Namara Steele.

His contributions to the world of engineering were indeed revolutionary. Kanner was named chief engineer of WMCA-New York while he was in his 20s. During Bob's tenure at WMCA he oversaw the transfer of the station from music to a talk format.

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She can be heard reporting on news impacting Orange County every half hour during morning drive, and noon weekdays.