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Mom son dirty sex talk or chat

'This Valentine's Day is the best day in my life.' So firm, yet so soft, and filling his entire, big hand, he couldn't believe he was holding his mother's naked, left breast in his hand.Then, as if he was feeling a giant grapefruit or a small melon in the supermarket, fearing that he'd squash it, bruise it, or damage it, he gently and stealthily squeezed his mother's breast.He was cupping and feeling his mother's big boob in his horny hand.Now, he wondered, when she spooned him if she was going to hold his erect prick in her hand in the way that she held his father's erect cock in her hand and in the way that he was holding her naked breast in his hand.

After flashing him down-blouse and up-blouse peeks of her bra clad breasts and an up-nightgown views of the bottoms of her naked breasts, dying to touch her breasts but afraid to, he couldn't believe she voluntarily put his hand on her naked tit.She made the second sexual, incestuous move by wearing this sexy, sheer, wide open nightgown over her naked body to bed.She made the third incestuous move when she deliberately flashed him her naked pussy and part of her naked breasts.Feeling his mother's shapely, naked breast was his sexual fantasy come true. Then, flashing him again when leaning forward to pull down the bed, wanting to reach out and touch her and feel her, he was so tempted to grope her naked breasts.Touching and feeling her breasts was something he had wanted to do for years and was something that he wanted to do as soon as he climbed in bed with her.

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In the way that he wanted to cum for his mother, he wanted his mother to cum for him.