Online quiz which sex and the city character are you

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Online quiz which sex and the city character are you

But behind her hard-ass persona, she's the one friend who loves you more than anything and just wants to protect you because it kills her when she sees you upset.

Now everyone's girl group has the "mom" and that would definitely be Charlotte.

Most importantly, she's gonna be the first one you call when you need help solving a household problem or when you become a mom because you've always considered her like your younger second mom.

Since as long as you've known the Samantha of your friend group, she has always been independent and confident in herself.

And most of all, Charalotte loves spending time with her friends Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha.

She moved there after graduating from Smith College. She hasn't ridden since, but she still has a soft spot for horses. She is more tenacious and determined than people give her credit for. She sees the best in people and doesn't ever give up on life.

She also always follows her heart and makes sure that you remain a bit of a hopeless romantic and can see how beautiful love is.

With the first holiday that kicks off this three-month-long period creeping up and Sarah Jessica Parker’s new show, , for a little engagement ring inspiration. ring Trey Mac Dougal gives Charlotte (to which she responds “all righty”), to the black diamond Big surprises Carrie with at the end of the second movie as a “let’s seal this deal” symbol, we’ve rounded up all of our favorite rings from the show and made them shoppable, so you have the inspiration at your fingertips when it comes time to say: “Ever thine. Ever ours.” Nevermind the age old girl group question of "Which SATC character are you?

Besides all this, Carrie is the one girlfriend who you can always count on to be loyal and always give you great fashion tips.

Miranda Hobbes is the friend who will never tell you to listen to your heart.

Show us five other women that we're interested in enough to follow to the bakery, to watch as they drive back and forth over a bridge, to stay tuned as Renata screams yet could also not be any more different.

You have the busybody wild child Madeline, the extreme perfectionist Celeste, driven and at times aggressive Renata, hippie-dippie Bonnie, and Jane with the deep, dark secret to hide.

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Like the surf slowly washing up on the cliffside, so are the days of our women of Monterey.