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Actually, all of the directories with games in them say there is nothing in there to scan. See this page for details: Yup they got to be uncompressed.Do I need to clear something or tweak a setting somewhere? (I tries 7z it won't run right for some reason) Don't get mad if you have img/ccd/sub files it won't scan but if you manually link the game in the playlist file you will want to link it to the img file. Is there a best practice to handle multiples of these?The site says to rename scph7003 (I think that was the original name) to scph5501. I put them into a file, but now when I try to get Lakka to try to scan it, it says there is nothing in the directory. If you don't want to fool with our scanning system, you can use a script. Lakka seems to scan the directory just fine, but the emulator/files don't show up after the scan. The actual filename has the extensions as lowercase, but the CUE file has the extension as uppercase (. If you're using EMCs or whatever, they're not going to show unless you use some other way to create your playlists (manually with a text editor or via a external scanning script).3.) the cue files are case-sensitive, as well, so they'll need to match the actual files, however those end up.

Another game I have is a set of img/ccd/sub files that was just mentioned. (FYI I'm very new to Lakka and am still getting used to it ) Thanks, guys!

So you need to extract in the reverse order so that you have just a *file.

you can rename that file to the game title but you will not need the file unless you want to burn it to a DVD or something.

When I load my iso on epsxe, it doesn't show anything and stays on a black screen. I assumed it was something with my video plug ins, which are P. first by a program called ECM, search on google and find his unecm run file, and then by 7zip.

So I tried it on the PSX 1.13 emulator, and on that, the screen loads the Sony Presents and Squaresoft logo screens, but everything after that is a black screen. Will attempt to guess format assuming single track. I just installed the e PSXe on my laptop and ran into the same problem, but it had nothing to do with the emulator.

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So I saw an option to download more cores (I'm assuming these are the emulators) and so I downloaded the ones associated with Play Station.

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