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As slight and silly as the story is, and as familiar as the zombie beats are, the performers give it all a lot of heart.

isn’t a particular memorable movie — that giggleworthy tagline, “Scottish Christmas zombie musical comedy,” lingers longer than just about anything else.

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But this isn’t a movie about deep symbolism and heartfelt themes.He and Swire make the film about big, joyous gestures and big painful moments, but above all, they make it .The film’s successes largely come from their ambition and willingness to play the protagonists’ emotions straight and acknowledge why they’d feel real and important, even when the entire scenario around the characters is pointedly ridiculous, ironic, and over-the-top.But like most teenagers, the protagonists are all processing their problems as questions about their own identities and their place in the world.Unlike most teenagers, though, they -style choreography, which turns the lunchroom, the school hallways, and a local graveyard into small-scale Broadway stages. Things fall apart quickly during a delirious sequence where Anna and John, rallying after a rough day, each run singing through their neighborhoods, completely oblivious to the murder and mayhem all around them.

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It’s a movie about smashing zombie’s heads in with watermelons, bowling balls, and whatever else comes readily to hand.

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