Shaun morgan dating 2016

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Shaun morgan dating 2016

It was an African country and it’s run by one of the more corrupt governments of all time, I would say.

I started studying and went to college, studying for a bachelor of technology. Basically spent two and a half years on a three year degree and then I bailed at the end to be in the band full time. Otherwise I’d be a jeweler somewhere in South Africa, working for some guy that pays you minimum wage.

And in this story, it’s a true story about an owner who ends up shooting this dog by accident because he mistakes him for a fox.

And the song played was called “Spirit Of The Great Heart” by Johnny Clegg and I remember at the time it just moved me so much cause I was like, well, now I’m unhappy cause the dog’s gone, and the song was so powerful and that memory imprinted on me.

Then we got signed and had a record deal in 2001 from a company in South Africa called Musketeer Records.

When we got signed, I dropped out of college, which I was in my last semester so I could have finished. We didn’t really have a manager so I was managing the band myself.

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They were sort of a very African rhythm with a white girl singing, and they came to the high school and played, and this was a huge band at the time.