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Instructors who adopt Parlor Press books for courses may request a desk copy by email ([email protected]) or fax (206-600-5076).Because previews of most books are already available, we typically don't send free review copies before adoption.Flexible Delivery Date means that your order will be delivered within the range of dates you specify and we will do our best to make your delivery on your preferred date.If Felxible Delivery is ok with you, select this option and then in the date selection window below, select the range of dates that are ok for your delivery to be made, then select a preferred delivery date.additional COLOR up charges in increments of REDO POLICY FOR EDUCATION DAY MODELS If you are unhappy for any reason we absolutely encourage you to contact us!!!If we can fix it right there that is always our preferred option if not we will reschedule you for another education day asap.All activity is in preparation for selecting the cream of the crop to become stylists in one of our two locations.Built out of our reputation of passion and skill dating back to Parlor’s 1994 beginnings.

Parlor Education Day is a weekly workshop event combining the experience of our educators and eagerness of our apprentices in a training environment where we discuss, execute, and refine techniques and trends.Credit cannot be given for books that cannot be resold.Permission is unnecessary with invoice and prepaid return.We strive to have the same apprentice with instructor guidance adjust your service.This is the ultimate learning experience and is an integral part of our process.

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