Updating changesets for cvs workspace

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Updating changesets for cvs workspace

The original git repository pieter has not updated recently (over a year at time of writing).

A more actively maintained branch is available at brotherbard/gitx - it adds "sidebar, fetch, pull, push, add remote, merge, cherry-pick, rebase, clone, clone to" Download | Screenshots | git repository | brotherbard fork | laullon fork Smart Git is a front-end for the distributed version control system Git and runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Ok, after seeing this post by PJ Hyett, I have decided to skip to the end and go with Git.

So what I need is a beginner's practical guide to Git.

The Git Community Book is available as both HTML and PDF and answers many of your questions with clear, well formatted and peer reviewed answers and in a format that allows you to jump straight to your problem at hand.

Alas, if my post really upsets you then I'll delete it. No, don't delete your post - it's a valid question.

It is a git history viewer, and lets you visualise a repository's history (including branches, when they are created, and merged). It can visualise non-linear branching history, perform commits, view and search commits, and it has some other nice features like being able to "Quicklook" any file in any revision (press space in the file-list view), export any file (via drag and drop).

The question'er requested that you "don't try to jam a bunch of information into one answer"!

Well, despite the fact that you asked that we not "simply" link to other resources, it's pretty foolish when there already exists a community grown (and growing) resource that's really quite good: the Git Community Book.

Seriously, this 20 questions in a question is going to be anything but concise and consistent.

I qrote a much longer question giving reasons for 'yet another git resource' but cut it back.

Main reason being that other helps try to teach you DVCS theory, and jump in the deep end.

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Git GUI can do a majority of what you'd need to do with git.

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