Updating drupal themes dating for 5 years

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Updating drupal themes

There are now four migration-related modules to know about: In addition, core modules that have migration paths written will have migration plugins within their own directories (see the user or taxonomy module for examples).

The next resource I visited was the Executing a Drupal 6/7 to Drupal 8 upgrade handbook page on

Drupal 8 is still in the release candidate phase (as of the time of writing this post), and there are a list of known issues with the Drupal-Drupal migrate path as well that will likely persist into 8.0.0.With the release candidates coming out recently and November 19, 2015 announced as the official release date, we've been putting a lot of work into our curriculum and recording new tutorials.The developer in me has been itching to give it a try on a "real" project. Me site itself is pretty complex: e-commerce (with recurring billing), video delivery, and piles and piles of content. Amber has mentioned how much she'd like the new Drupal 8 authoring tools.Probably the biggest issue for this particular migration is that Views are not yet being migrated automatically.The other issue I ran into was with the input formats on our current site.

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